Custom Mailboxes

I have always been fascinated by mailboxes that have been custom built to look like something different. I pass a particularly interesting one each Tuesday on my way to teach piano. One day I remembered a suggestion made in one of Bryan Peterson’s videos on photography. He suggested photographing different letters of the alphabet as seen on street signs, buildings, manhole covers, etc. I realized that photographs of custom mailboxes would make an interesting collection, too. That’s what this web site is about.

The mailbox that started it all is this one: Tractor 1. If you are interested in the video that gave me the idea, or interested in photography at all, visit the Picture Perfect School of Photography website. The video (and others) can be found on this page: Look for the title Ideas and Images: Taking Pictures of Letters!  You may have to register to gain access to content, but it's free.


I do not make or sell mailboxes. These are photographs of mailboxes I have discovered in my travels.